How Product Design Today Can Make the World More Sustainable Tomorrow

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The issue of sustainability has become part of discussions in the production industry. Our social well-being, as well as our environment, depends on the sustainable development of products. Many households these days use electricity to power appliances such as irons and electric kettles. Some of these products aren’t energy efficient. A large percentage of the […]

The Passivhaus Movement Comes to Australia

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The Passivhaus is a German concept design for structures based on passive solar research done by the U.S. Department of Energy in the 1970s. Translated from German, the name literally means a “passive house,” and these structures are built with most rigorous design stipulations in an effort to be spend as little energy as possible when running […]

Shaun Barratt on Why Solar Power Continues to Be Best Option for Future Energy Needs

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The notion that solar power represents what is likely the best option for addressing the world’s energy needs well into the future should really come as no surprise. Shaun Barratt recently spoke to some colleagues in the green energy industry to discuss while there are countless reasons for solar energy’s status as the most efficient […]

Dymphna Boholt on Promoting Sustainable Real Estate Properties for Improved Health and Wellness

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The value of sustainable real estate property has risen steadily over the past decade as homebuyers are becoming increasingly willing to pay a premium for homes outfitted with green energy technologies and constructed according to sustainable building principles. According to Dymphna Boholt, promoting the potential health and wellness benefits associated with green building practices would […]