Awesome Marketing Strategies That Small Businesses Can Utilize To Boost Sales

Small businesses are the hardest hit in the race to secure a share of the market, and this is due to their lack of essential tools and exposure. Being new in a market should not keep a business struggling longer if unique strategies are applied to boost its performance. Unlike the already established competitors, a new entrant into the business world will have to use techniques that are different and powerful than ones used by competing businesses. To easily achieve growth in sales, a small business should try these proven strategies.

Facebook Marketing

One of the benefits you have when you use Facebook advertising is that you can specifically target those you know are interested in your products. The ads allow you to target a select audience, so you will not waste effort by placing the ad on a platform that connects with anyone including those who might not be interested in the product. With this you can use filters like location, sex, age, online behavior, interest among other factors. It is also fairly easy to create a Facebook ad, so a small business will find this strategy easy to execute and responsive as well.

Google My Business Listing

Like Facebook marketing, Google My Business allows you to target your local clients. With this option, Google allows you to combine all your platforms, which include Google Maps, Google Analytics, Google+ and Google Insights to mention a few. If your business has a unique name, when someone searches about it photos and details about the business will be displayed on a panel located on the top right corner of the page, which gives a clear preview of what you deal in. You also have to note that getting your Google My Business listing to rank well is easy because you only need to make sure your profile is optimized then collect citations and reviews from different people.

Organic social media

You could also use social media to offer customer support. Research shows that at least 33 percent of people prefer to access support through social media as opposed to traditional methods like email phone calls. Social media also allows you to understand what your customers think about your products and brand, so through the information collected you can make improvements. Grace Lever advises that nearly all companies have social media platforms that are active and this should tell you that your competitors are also online, which means ignoring this option could deal your business a huge blow while trying to beat competition.

Coupon deal sites

Another marketing option that a small business can use to drive sales is selling through coupon deal sites. These are sites that promote your business while also listing your products for sale, and most of them have massive audience. Websites like Groupon can help your business to reach its targeted audience faster and allow you to sell more than relying on in-house marketing. Nearly all processes have gone digital and getting things done in the digital way is the best idea you could pursue while building a small business.

How Generations X, Y, and Z Consume Video Content

Younger generations consumer more video content than their older counter parts. But, the way generations consume video content varies. YouTube and Snapchat are the leaders in the creation of video content. Snapchat is not very popular with Generation X but is quickly gaining in popularity with Generation Z. Differences between these generations may seem obvious at first but they are differences that can be capitalized on in creative ways. Mastering this knowledge will help you reach new markets and strengthen existing ones. Krystal Perkins would agree and her favorite platform is YouTube.

Generation X
Generation X is the demographic that directly follows the baby boomers. They were usually born between the 1960s and early 1980s. Generation X finds how-to videos and product review videos to be their preferred video types on YouTube. Generation X is also most interested in educational videos and finds YouTube to be their favorite platform for watching videos over Instagram, snapchat, or Facebook. They are also not fans of snapchat and a very small percentage don’t use YouTube at all.

Generation Y
Generation Y is the group of people who were born between the 1980s and early 1990s. This is the generation that is right between Generation X and Generation Z. They are also known as the Millennials. Generation Y is shortly behind Generation Z in terms of watching YouTube videos daily. Like Generation X, Generation Y also found product review videos to be their preferred way to consume video content. Generation Y also watches the most workout videos and still favors YouTube as their favorite platform to watch videos on over Instagram and Facebook.

Generation Z
Generation Z is the youngest generation and are born from the mid-1990s to early 2000s. This generation is the generation that is on the internet the most and from a very young age. People in this generation are usually very comfortable with technology so it is to no surprise that they are the generation that watches the most YouTube videos. This generation is also known as the Post-Millennials or the Homeland Generation. People in this demographic still favored product review videos but they are also very likely to enjoy unboxing and haul videos.

Distinctions between these three generations can clearly be seen. These are important factors to think about when considering who will be watching your videos. When targeting a specific market, it is necessary to make your content fit the preferences of the ones you want to consume it. This will create a more intimate relationship with the markets you want to serve, thus increasing your potential earnings.

ACM Group Discusses Environmental Protection

ACM Group is an organization whose priority to educate people about what they can do to conserve natural resources. They want to be able to help keep the Australian flora and the fauna around for the next generation to enjoy. This group is looking to have people learn about the environment so that generation to come can enjoy the natural landscape of Australia. They want to make sure that the next generation can go to the beach and swim in clean what that is pollution free.

The Great Barrier Reef is a popular attraction in Australia and everyday it is being damaged by pollution. The ACM Group wants people to understand the importance of keeping the water clean before it is too late for the reef and the marine life that lives in it. If the reefs die not only will this hurt the environment but it will hurt tourism as well.

The Adani coal mine would cause damage and pollution to the waters. The ACM Group wants to stress to people how dangerous this is and that nothing good can come with the mine. They are working hard to spread awareness of the dangers of this mine and the harm that it can do to the environment and the people of Australia.

ACM Group on the Impact of Climate Change on Ocean Life

Climate change is having an impact on all life in the oceans. This is because it is affecting all levels of the food chain. When the simple organisms that others feed on become ill or die off, the ripple effect can be devastating.

Coral bleaching is one example of this. The bleaching signals that necessary symbiotic organisms have been shed, and the coral will die. Plankton, too, are affected. If fewer phytoplankton are producing oxygen, the future of all life on Earth may be in jeopardy.

For saltwater reef fish such as the angelfish, climate change is already having an impact. These species are being found much farther north than they used to be. As rabbitfish and other herbivorous fish migrate away from the environments they are accustomed to, they are wreaking havoc on kelp forests farther north. They disrupt the lush plant life protecting animals such as abalone. As abalone have become more vulnerable, their numbers are dwindling.

The future, however, may well be bright. Organizations such as ACM Group (Australian Conservation Monitoring Group) exist to hold accountable the social, ethical and environmental activities of business operating in our country as well as local and federal government and their policies in Australia.  Plenty of innovative solutions designed to forge partnerships with private businesses are being formulated. For lovers of fish and the ocean, this issue is one to watch.

Shaun Barratt on Why Solar Power Continues to Be Best Option for Future Energy Needs

The notion that solar power represents what is likely the best option for addressing the world’s energy needs well into the future should really come as no surprise. Shaun Barratt recently spoke to some colleagues in the green energy industry to discuss while there are countless reasons for solar energy’s status as the most efficient option for the world’s long-term energy demands, it is somewhat surprising that, according to a study conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the solar industry likely possesses the capability for terawatt-scale energy output by the year 2050 — even in the absence of any major advancements in the available technology.


That such an output is considered likely in the relatively near future is impressive, and that sort of output should certainly draw the attention of world leaders who have thus far dragged their feet in emphasizing this technology or taking steps to lay the foundation for the large-scale implementation of solar power. Considering the fact that the terawatt-scale output is predicted without accounting for any emerging technologies, it is certainly not a stretch to believe that this output could achieved much sooner or could be potentially greater than the MIT study projects.


In fact, there are emerging innovations that may indeed play a role in the development of this sort of output, as there are a number of thin-film technologies that already utilize sustainable production materials. According to the same MIT study that predicts the terawatt-scale output, these thin-film technologies could benefit significantly from support at the federal level through the allocation of financial resources that would further any necessary research and development.


While even the most ardent climate-change deniers are starting to come around, it is still necessary for a great deal of work to be done in moving energy away from non-renewable sources to sustainable energy options, including, perhaps most notably, solar power. Federal investment into these projects is a must, as the MIT study notes that “massive expansion of solar generation worldwide by mid-century is likely a necessary component of any serious strategy to mitigate climate change.”


With the costs of harnessing solar energy coming down significantly over the years — along with solar energy’s status as a widely available resource — it is now simply a matter of continuing to promote the use of solar power as a viable source of energy. It is in the best interest of the federal government to continue to adopt policies that promote the widespread use of solar power in order to reduce dependence on non-renewable energy sources, as the MIT study has made it clear that the widespread implementation of solar energy must take place on a significant scale over the next few decades.

Jon Giaan Gives Tips and Advice of Working in the Real Estate Industry

Jon Giaan notes in notebookReal estate investing incorporates exceptionally outlined worksheets and hands-on exercises to take the mystery out of your contributing endeavors. By being mindful of frameworks and administration, this course will help the real estate investor accomplish more with less exertion while serving the requirements of their purchasers and dealers.

Jon Giaan, an understood land financial specialist in the business, says that to have genuine progress in the real estate field it is basic to keep a notebook and record key data to recall for some other time. Mr. Giaan says it is additionally imperative to keep it as professional as possible. That implies don’t write down notes with your mobile phone and make sure you take that senseless Bluetooth gadget out of your ear and from around your neck. Keep your phone in your pocket and stay with pen or pencil and paper.

When you take notes with your phone, your clients will believe you are texting and not paying attention. Writing down notes rather than texting them into your notes looks professional and gives your clients a sense of security that you are well organized.

John Pryor’s Look at the Findings of the Business Expectations Survey

john pryor business salesWith so many businesses expressing pessimism in their forecasts for the next three-month period, it is particularly important to take a look at the most recent Business Expectations Survey with the goal of understanding some of the rationale behind these negative predictions. Given some of the recent economic concerns raised recently and some of the events further reinforcing these concerns, developing an understanding of the varied factors at play takes on additional importance.

According to John Pryor, strength may not be the word most would associate with the current state of the economy, but, at the same time, weakness seems like an equally unlikely term. The reason for this may be due to a clear disconnect between long- and short-term viewpoints, particularly since the expectations index shows demonstrable decreases across several critical measures.

For instance, the Sales, Profits, Employment and Capital Investment measure dropped significantly, going from 18.9 points to 13.2 points. While a 5.7-point drop seems almost devastating considering the relative brevity of the timeframe in which it fell so precipitously, it also ignores the fact that 13.2 points remains far greater than the measure’s 10-year average, which happens to sit at a quite modest 7.0 points. When discussing this with John Pryor, rugby was presented as a helpful analogy.

Essentially, Pryor sees this is as very similar to an instance in which an athlete has made tremendous long-term gains overthe course of a year but has hit a training plateau that makes it feel as though there has not been any progress made at all. While they may be stronger, have a greater capacity for endurance and can sprint faster than ever before, the athlete is troubled by the lack of gains made over the past two weeks and refuses to recognize the substantial gains made over the past 52 weeks.

While it is clearly important to note the decrease in these and other economic measures, it is equally necessary to recognize that there are a variety of factors that still point to an economic turnaround in the not-too-distant future. Softened expectations will always raise a few eyebrows (as they certainly should), but interest rates remain incredibly low and the export sector seems to be positioned exceptionally well from a competitive standpoint.

It may indeed be problematic if the dampened business expectations continue unabated, but there are just too many otherpositive factors to consider that it is clearly unnecessary to panic or even worry to any significant degree over the current conditions. Commodity prices are coming around and the dollar has retained its strength, so there is plenty of reason for optimism as the country moves forward.