Andrew Charlton Discusses the Economics of Solar Energy and Other Renewable Resources

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The slow shift away from the widespread use of non-renewable energy resources is largely the product of the continued resistance of those who either have some sort of economic or other personal interest at stake or perhaps have nothing more than a general aversion to rapid change. Andrew Charlton points out that those who remain […]

Marlon Kobacker Discusses Need to Raise Greater Awareness Regarding Air Travel and Sustainability

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It’s a part of the global climate change equation that is often overlooked, yet the air travel industry is responsible for significant contributions to the carbon emissions that are having such a significant impact on the rapid alterations in climate occurring all over the globe. Marlon Kobacker, a sustainable energy advocate who is now heading […]

Marlon Kobacker on the Potential Long-Term Environmental Consequences of Fracking

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While countries all over the globe have been working diligently to act in a more responsible manner when it comes to energy production and carbon emissions, there are still many barriers in place effectively preventing or delaying the necessary switch to sustainable sources of energy. One of these barriers takes the form of hydraulic fracturing — […]