How Generations X, Y, and Z Consume Video Content

Younger generations consumer more video content than their older counter parts. But, the way generations consume video content varies. YouTube and Snapchat are the leaders in the creation of video content. Snapchat is not very popular with Generation X but is quickly gaining in popularity with Generation Z. Differences between these generations may seem obvious at first but they are differences that can be capitalized on in creative ways. Mastering this knowledge will help you reach new markets and strengthen existing ones. Krystal Perkins would agree and her favorite platform is YouTube.

Generation X
Generation X is the demographic that directly follows the baby boomers. They were usually born between the 1960s and early 1980s. Generation X finds how-to videos and product review videos to be their preferred video types on YouTube. Generation X is also most interested in educational videos and finds YouTube to be their favorite platform for watching videos over Instagram, snapchat, or Facebook. They are also not fans of snapchat and a very small percentage don’t use YouTube at all.

Generation Y
Generation Y is the group of people who were born between the 1980s and early 1990s. This is the generation that is right between Generation X and Generation Z. They are also known as the Millennials. Generation Y is shortly behind Generation Z in terms of watching YouTube videos daily. Like Generation X, Generation Y also found product review videos to be their preferred way to consume video content. Generation Y also watches the most workout videos and still favors YouTube as their favorite platform to watch videos on over Instagram and Facebook.

Generation Z
Generation Z is the youngest generation and are born from the mid-1990s to early 2000s. This generation is the generation that is on the internet the most and from a very young age. People in this generation are usually very comfortable with technology so it is to no surprise that they are the generation that watches the most YouTube videos. This generation is also known as the Post-Millennials or the Homeland Generation. People in this demographic still favored product review videos but they are also very likely to enjoy unboxing and haul videos.

Distinctions between these three generations can clearly be seen. These are important factors to think about when considering who will be watching your videos. When targeting a specific market, it is necessary to make your content fit the preferences of the ones you want to consume it. This will create a more intimate relationship with the markets you want to serve, thus increasing your potential earnings.

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