Marlon Kobacker

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Marlon Kobacker is a sustainability expert.

Since becoming the first student to graduate from the world’s inaugural photovoltaic engineering program, Marlon Kobacker has enjoyed a remarkable career as a sustainability professional and has continually devoted his professional efforts to a broad range of projects requiring his extensive expertise in green advisory. Marlon has specific expertise in the application of sustainable development principles to green building projects and has conducted countless solar feasibility studies in order to demonstrate the efficacy of the consistent utilization of sustainable design principles in all aspects of project planning.

A graduate of the University of New South Wales, Marlon holds undergraduate degrees in photovoltaic engineering, computing and solar engineering along with a Master of the Built Environment in Sustainable Design. Marlon has since served as a lecturer and has even contributed to the development of new courses for the University of New South Wales School of Renewable Energy, and he has since gained a great deal of worldwide experience and acclaim through varied speaking engagements at international conferences along with sustainable building projects taking place in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, among many other locales.

Specializing in life-cycle assessment, carbon footprinting and sustainability analytics, Marlon has been a critical advocate for the continued advancement of sustainable development all over the world. Marlon’s previous industry experience includes professional roles with a number of international firms, including AECOM, Arup and Cundall, and he has been involved in sustainability advisement for a wide variety of projects, including major infrastructure projects and property development for both private and public organizations.

Marlon’s current professional role is with Clean Energy Corporation Australia (CECA), a company focusing on providing a wide range of services relating to design, installation, engineering, procurement and management for all aspects of renewable energy development. As the leader of the sustainability advisory business for Clean Energy Corporation Australia, Marlon is able to leverage his unique skill set along with his vast knowledge of both clean energy finance and sustainable design to ensure CECA is serving its clients in the most effective and efficient way possible.