ACM Group Discusses Environmental Protection

ACM Group is an organization whose priority to educate people about what they can do to conserve natural resources. They want to be able to help keep the Australian flora and the fauna around for the next generation to enjoy. This group is looking to have people learn about the environment so that generation to come can enjoy the natural landscape of Australia. They want to make sure that the next generation can go to the beach and swim in clean what that is pollution free.

The Great Barrier Reef is a popular attraction in Australia and everyday it is being damaged by pollution. The ACM Group wants people to understand the importance of keeping the water clean before it is too late for the reef and the marine life that lives in it. If the reefs die not only will this hurt the environment but it will hurt tourism as well.

The Adani coal mine would cause damage and pollution to the waters. The ACM Group wants to stress to people how dangerous this is and that nothing good can come with the mine. They are working hard to spread awareness of the dangers of this mine and the harm that it can do to the environment and the people of Australia.