How to Start a Green Grocery Delivery Business in Australia

The recent shift of individuals to healthier choices has become a global trend. In Australia alone, heart disease and cancer have been one of the leading causes of health problems, with almost 8 million Australians suffering from either of these conditions. As a result, more families have become aware of the negative effects of poor diet and sedentary lifestyle, that is why they have taken actionable steps to improve their food choices and maintain an active schedule.

The rise of organic food

Most of the time, we would see vegetables, meat, and other food items labeled as “organic”. Organic means naturally produced and sourced, away from the use of hormones, antibiotics pesticides and other gene modifying procedures. People have been more meticulous about which food options are safe and healthy, and business owners have gone into this market to bring healthier options for everyone.

The problem of a healthy lifestyle

However, this healthy living that people are trying to achieve may be time-consuming for some. They may find the task of going to the grocery, preparing food, and finding time to workout difficult to do regularly. In a recent survey, Australians get less than the recommended amount of vegetables and legumes daily. The same lack can be said about consuming portions of lean meats, healthy sources of dairy, and whole grains.

Combining two needs in one

If you are someone who is looking for a lucrative business idea, you may want to consider having a green grocery delivery business. Australians are looking for ways to make their healthy lifestyle convenient as possible. There is a need to make groceries faster and more efficient, and to easily pick organic and healthy items before a busy week starts.

If you are interested, read on to find out more about how to make your own healthy food delivery business.

How to Start a Green Grocery Delivery Business in Australia

1. Look for wholesale food sources

Before launching your green grocery delivery business, it is important to look for sources as your food inventory. For example, you can look into Simfresh, a company that offers wholesale citrus food items, which is a usual commodity in Australian homes. The company believes that hand packed items are the safest, healthy and natural way to provide food for Australians. These companies can help via consignment or through providing stocks. Ask them and partner with these companies who are willing to work with you on your preferred business models. Create a list of basic green food items and find the most reliable companies who can supply you these items.

2. Invest in transportation vehicles

The next step is to invest in transportation vehicles. Either you will invest in a truck, motorcycle or a car to send grocery items to your customers. It depends on how big or small you scale your delivery business. If you plan to deliver in other stores, you may want to invest in trucks. If your preferred customers are private homeowners, a car or motorcycle may be ideal. You can start by investing in 1-2 vehicles and adding more as you grow your business. A typical delivery should be done within 30 minutes to one hour, so also make sure to plan the locations covered by your business.

3. Build a website or application

An integral part of creating your inventory is by building a website. If you are knowledgeable in HTML and PHP, you can create a website where you can input your stocks and people can purchase and request for delivery online. Otherwise, this technical part can be done by a web developer or an IT professional. Make sure to set up your website to accept credit card payments and have real-time stock updates so your customers will know which ones they can pick from your website.

4. Promote your business to both customers and other companies

Promotion is needed to get the word out about your business. Since you will be delivering to a local area, make sure to print our flyers and posters. You can also make targeted local online advertisements in your area of your green grocery delivery business. It will also help to continuously find opportunities for growth by working with other companies who might need a grocery delivery service such as restaurants and community stores.

A green grocery delivery business is a profitable idea that can hit two birds in one stone. Firstly, it can help any household by lessening the burden of doing another grocery chore. Secondly, it provides healthier options for people who have no time to constantly make choices. Simfresh suggests that doing proper research about your food suppliers, optimizing your website and promoting your business wisely will help you find success in this business endeavor.